Sunday, July 20, 2008

ConnectingUs - News

ConnectingUs is growing and reaching folks from Philadelphia to Capetown South Africa!

The new networking group is growing rapidly. Created by entrepreneur Sharon Battle as a resource to connect with others and share information and ideas on Family, Culture, Music, Business and Mentoring.

Members include; music recording artists, authors, poets, event planners, real estate brokers, talk show hosts, public relations professionals, and more!

The ConnectingUs concept is working, as creator Sharon Battle says "If you build it, and add some tender loving care to it, then it will grow".

Stay tuned as we explode into the next level of Connecting!

Explore, Learn & Grow - Make the Connection!

Baltimore Maryland - Announcement

Soulful Memories announces Baltimore Maryland Marketing Exec.Rose Onwuzo, VP Marketing leads the Baltimore, Maryland area for Soulful Memories.

Rose Onwuzo, is a former Real Estate Agent, with a background in Sales and Marketing she brings her unique personable style to each of her endeavors. Rose has worn many hats in the corporate arena working for several large corporations in the Philadelphia, Baltimore, and D.C. areas. Rose has over 20 years of experience in sales and marketing, bringing new and innovative ideas and concepts to the marketplace. After 10 years in the Real Estate business Rose turned her energies to her passion of mentoring others and created "The Rose Group" expanding her unique style to enhancing the lives of others through lifestyle coaching and other family services. If it can be done Rose will make it happen! Rose heads the Maryland area market for Soulful Memories Presentations, touching one life at a time with her upbeat and giving of self style!

For more information on Soulful Memories log on to our website.